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Brave Path offers three core services to help you shape the organization you need to deliver optimal performance and help you develop as an individual to get the life results you desire.

Understanding who you really are is the first step on the journey to who you want to be.  This is true for individuals and organizations, alike.  We use simple but thorough individual assessments and organization diagnostics to identify key strengths to be leveraged and critical development opportunities to be addressed on the path to achieving your individual and/or organizational goals.

Organization Effectiveness

Ensuring that your employees are positioned to meaningfully contribute (authentic leadership) is required for your organization's sustainable success. Proper positioning  means engaging them in ways that create emotional commitment to your organization (employee engagement), explicitly navigating them all the way through change (change management) and creating a culture (culture cultivation) that easily enables rather than unintentionally undermines success.


Knowing who you are, what you want and how to get it are the keys to achieving your goals. Individual coaching focuses on helping you achieve that clarity, using your assessment results in ways that leverage your strengths and address critical development areas necessary to meet individual goals, both professional and personal.

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