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Consulting Success Stories

Several success stories are described below to provide a sample of client success in the areas of organizational effectiveness, change management and employee engagement.

Building the Ability to Quickly Adapt to Change

A large corporation embarked upon a multi-year implementation of an enterprise-wide system without an explicit focus on navigating leaders and employees through the change.  Within a few months of initial implementation, significant levels of leader and employee resistance surfaced. More specifically, leaders and employees, alike, did not buy into the business case for change (i.e., the need for the system) and did not feel heard when sharing feedback after implementation.

In response, a change management plan was designed to focus on dismantling resistance and building support across the organization.  This plan contained 5 key actions that resulted in the following outcomes: (1) a clear understanding of the reasons for the change as reflected by increased scores on business case questions in readiness surveys and (2) employees who felt acknowledged and heard when sharing feedback as well as respected and valued as reflected by increased scores on related questions in a leadership engagement survey.

Taking the Time to Effectively Lead Change

Worked with CIO of a 15-hospital health system as a Change Management Advisor and Organizational Effectiveness consultant.

  • Advisor Role: Worked with business initiative leadership to identify a change management methodology and partner for an enterprise-wide health record system implementation. Created and used high-level change management strategy and plan until planned transition of work to change management partner. Delivered physician stakeholder analysis, utilized to gain buy-in and continuous alignment with the change.

  • Organizational Effectiveness Role: Worked with CIO to develop a comprehensive transformation strategy and plan for the IT function. The plan articulated a compelling business case, illustrating the why and a clear analysis of the gap between current and future desired states, highlighting the work to be done to achieve the vision. Created communications utilized by the CIO to align her leadership team on the IT transformation efforts over the course of 3 leadership meetings, which resulted in high leadership engagement and readiness to lead the employees through the multi-year transformation.

Engaging and Aligning Your Organization

In a rapidly consolidating industry, this large organization strategically acquired organizations and expanded its offerings to grow revenue and remain competitive. In doing so, employees in the organization began to lose sight of their connection to the original mission.  To address this growing disconnect, interactive leader-led learning map sessions were designed and implemented to educate, engage and inspire employees about the organization's new vision of the future, renewed commitment to the original mission and the new strategy required to be successful in the changing industry landscape.  These well-received sessions were delivered to align the 100,000+ employees to move together in lock-step on a common mission towards a common vision.

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