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Identifying the right actions to take is the first, hard step on any journey towards success.  Doing what needs to be done, often the longest and harder part of that journey, requires courage.  In fact, just finding the courage to embark upon that brave path is often its own journey.

At some point in our lives, professionally and personally, we all have experienced this sense of "being stuck," "being afraid," or "being unsure," postponing action for yet another day or a better time that often never arrives.

At Brave Path, we are passionate about turning these moments of significant change and tough challenge into opportunities to conquer inaction, fear and uncertainty on the journey towards successful achievement of clear, concise goals that we define with our clients.  


We offer targeted services and solutions to address specific challenges facing companies and individuals with the ultimate goal of driving fulfilling, committed engagement to corporate, professional and personal visions and missions. 

Rasháanda Cook
Founder and Principal

Rasháanda Cook is a former HR executive and ICF-certified coach with 25+ years of experience in organizational effectiveness, culture intervention/development, change management, employee engagement, career navigation, talent management and leadership development.  With years of external consulting firm experience and a variety of management/executive roles inside Fortune 500 organizations across various industries, she brings an insightfully blended perspective as an executive, consultant, coach and doer when implementing lasting solutions to the toughest organizational and individual challenges. 


Coaching specialties include Executive/Leadereship Assessment, Authentic Leadership Styles, Leadership Effectiveness, Personality Self-Awareness, Executive Presence, Leading Change, Emotional Intelligence and Career Navigation.

Rasháanda Cook earned an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management and a BBA from Emory University as an undergraduate.

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